Bassano del Grappa

Bassano, the setting for Murder Most Unfortunate, sits on a hill about fifty kilometers from Venice.  On its north are spectacular mountains, including Monte Grappa itself, and to its south the Po River Valley spreads out toward Padova and Ferrara. 

Rick Montoya comes to Bassano to do the translation work at an international seminar at the city's museum, located in an former convent. 

The focus of the seminar, and one of the mysteries
Rick tries to solve, is the work of Bassano's favorite son, Jacopo da Bassano. 

Bassano has been a center for ceramics production for centuries, and the tradition has been documented in the ceramics museum of the ornate Palazzo Strum. 

The other product for which the city is known is grappa, the potent super distillate.  The Nardini company has its own bar to serve their products, a place Rick visits in the book. 

Naturally Rick doesn't go hungry on his trip to Bassano.  Here are some of the regional specialties he enjoys there. 

Pasta e fagioli is made all over Italy, but each region claims that their is the best.  This is the Veneto version. 

For a light lunch, Rick has a tramezzino and a glass of wine in a bar.  Tramezzini, white bread sandwiches, come with a variety of fillings. 

After such a light lunch, Rick is ready for something more substantial that evening, ordering polenta con salsiccia. 

Bassano's famous white asparagus are mentioned in the book, but since they are not in season Rick doesn't get a chance to try them.