Volterra's location high on a hill was selected for strategic reasons, but for today's tourists it offers striking views of the Tuscan countryside. It is also packed with things to see. Few towns in Italy have so much history to offer the visitor, from the Etruscan to the Roman to Medieval. A great place to visit even if, unlike Cold Tuscan Stone protagonist Rick Montoya, you don't get involved in a criminal investigation.

The city's Etruscan past is everywhere, starting with this ancient gate through the original walls.

The Roman amphitheater is surprisingly intact, given its age, and can be viewed from above or ground level.

The main square of the city maintains its Medieval feel.

The art of carving alabaster started with the Etruscans and continues with today's artisans.

Below are two Tuscan specialties that Rick enjoys on the pages of the book. Pappardelle al Cinghiale is a dish of hand-made pasta strips tossed with a rich wild boar sauce. And no trip to Tuscany can be complete without tasting a bistecca alla fiorentina, the king of Italian t-bone steaks.