The Sandia Mountains above Albuquerque

Name:                   Rick Montoya (Riccardo to his Italian friends)

Nationality:         American (via his New Mexican father) and Italiano (from his Roman  mother)

Age:                        Early 30s

Occupation:         Professional translator, amateur sleuth

Education:            HS diploma from the American Overseas School of Rome, BA and MA in languages, University of New Mexico

Residence:           Rome, Italy

Marital status:    Scapolo (single)

An intrepid foreign correspondent caught up with Rick in Rome at Piazza Navona and asked him some questions:

Q:          Why did you become a translator?

Rick:     When I got to UNM I was already fluent in Italian and Spanish, so a major in languages seemed like the best way to go. Or the easiest. After that I just fell naturally into interpreting and translating. It pays the rent.

Q:          Did you ever think of going into criminal justice?

Rick:     You sound like my Uncle Piero. But the answer is no. My mother would never permit it.

Q:         Do you always wear cowboy boots?

Rick:    In Rome, most of the time. In New Mexico I wear my Bruno Maglis, except when I'm mountain climbing.

Q:          Are you in a serious relationship now?

Rick:     That's kind of a personal question, isn't it? And what do you mean by serious? Next question.

Q:          Favorite foods?

Rick:     There's a tough one. It's a toss up between a green chile cheeseburger and a bowl of spaghetti alla gricia.

Q:          You sound like you're split between New Mexico and Italy.

Rick:     In more ways than one, Mr. Q.

Q:          Can I ask one more thing?

Rick:     Make it quick, I'm late for lunch with my uncle.

Q:          Where is your next adventure taking you?

Rick:     You'll have to ask David. I just go where he sends me.