The sixth Rick Montoya Italian Mystery is now available in your grocer's freezer, or wherever books are sold.  In a way this could be called the first book with Rick, because it is a prequel taking us back to when he rolls into Italy from New Mexico to set up his translation business.  Readers, meet Rick the rookie in Rome.  But like the other books in the series, there is some romance, many savory meals, and of course a murder to be solved, that of the eccentric Count Zimbardi.  Who put this Roman count down? 

Murder, with a side of spaghetti alla carbonara

Rick Montoya, eager to experience more of his Italian mother’s culture, heads to Rome to start his own translation business—and indulge his appetite for carpaccio and a nice Piemonte red. His uncle, a Roman cop, gives Rick a leg up with a translation gig connected to a homicide, but is Zio really trying to lure him into police work instead?

When the wealthy Count Umberto Zimbardi— known for his circle of card-playing friends and a hobby collecting the oral histories of residents in the city’s centro storico—is found dead on a bridge over the Tiber, Commissario Piero Fontana pulls Rick away from his fledgling business and into the investigation of what appears to be a robbery turned fatal.

In this prequel to David P. Wagner’s celebrated Italian Mystery series, Rick is newly returned to Rome as an adult, making rookie mistakes, both as a resident and as an amateur sleuth. But his gut is telling him more than when it’s time for his next meal. The deeper he probes, the more he’s convinced that the count’s murder was not a random act, but something far more personal. Did one of his so-called friends put the Roman count down?